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House MN

The project of this house consist of complete a house that was under construction, to solve some problems and adapt it to the current rules.
The house is built on a plot located in the mountains that closes the bay of Benidorm on its east side. Both the geometry and the topography of the plot are very rugged with a drop of about 13m.
The access to the plot is by its east side, in the south and west there are other houses while in the north borders is the natural park of «Sierra Helada».
The building is located in the highest part of the plot in search of the best views. This make it easy to access by road and pedestrian by Taiwan street.
The access is in the ground floor that contain the common areas of the house while in the first floor there are the bedrooms.
The basement is for the car park, room for facilities and laundry.
The rest of the plot is urbanized with terraces and gardens that descend to the rhythm of the slope. In one of them is located the pool.

Benidorm (Alicante)

Antonio Galiano Garrigós

Almudena Espinosa Fernández
Javier Jiménez Benito

Categories: 2011, Housing, Interior Design, Private