• Provincial coastal service

Provincial coastal service


The provincial service of Costas is located in a building of administrative use belonging to the General Administration of the State. Each of the plants belongs to a different Ministry. This building was built in the 50s.
The space destined to the Coast Service is divided between the ground floor and the second floor.
The scope of this project is focused on the second floor. There is a clear deterioration of finishes and installations of all kinds that run through the walls of offices, many of them unused and sometimes located in a very precarious and dangerous. With all this the conditions of habitability and comfort have been greatly reduced and working conditions are quite deficient in terms of safety and prevention of occupational hazards, which makes it necessary to carry out a reform and adaptation intervention in order to maintain minimum standards Of working conditions and adapt to current regulations.
This project contemplates the renovation of the facilities and the adaptation of all the interior spaces to improve working conditions and habitability.
There will also be a redistribution of spaces to adapt them to the current needs. The office will reduce its size and create a secretariat office and a waiting room. A zone for photocopiers, printers and fax machines will be created, the file will be modified to be able to distribute the new toilets with the necessary accessibility conditions, and one of the existing offices will be absorbed for not complying with the minimum required to be used as such.
All these interventions make it necessary to dismantle both the current false ceiling of plaster or removable plates as the false ceiling of the cane, for the removal and placement of the installations. A false ceiling can be registered throughout the intervention area. It is also necessary to repair all partitions with plaster and plaster plaster or tiling, depending on the area.

Plaza de la Montañeta, Alicante

Antonio Galiano Garrigós

Almudena Espinosa Fernández
Javier Jiménez Benito

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