• Residential Building Montebello
  • Residential Building Montebello
  • Residential Building Montebello
  • Residential Building Montebello

Residential Building Montebello

The project involves the renovation of a building in order to authorize it as required by Consellería de Bienestar Social in accordance with current regulations.
The building is located within a residential complex called «Residential Montebello» which consists of two buildings known as «Casa Rosa» and «Casa Blanca.» We works in the building called «Casa Rosa» that is currently in use but not comply the regulations and is necessary to divide the building into two buildings completely different and unrelated to each other because there is incompatible uses with the current regulations. To carry out the authorization of the building as a residence for dependents elderly it’s essential that the use of the building is only one. This work will be held in the present building with the separation into two totally different buildings: building «A» and building «B»
The building «A» will be the part of building modificated to become a residence for dependents elderly.
The building «B» will not suffer any modification or alteration and retain its current use.
The intervention involves remove all communication between the two sides of the building creating a new stairs, because right now the stairs are shared for the both parts. It’s necessary ensure the circulation and evacuation routes are suitable the new requirements.
In addition, common services of the center are reformed to meet the requirements of the Order of February 4, 2005 from Consellería de Bienestar Social of DOGV 14/02/05.

La Nucía (Alicante)

Antonio Galiano Garrigós

Almudena Espinosa Fernández
Javier Jiménez Benito

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