• Refurbishing of Barranco street
  • Refurbishing of Barranco street
  • Refurbishing of Barranco street
  • Refurbishing of Barranco street

Refurbishing of Barranco street

The intervention is carried out throughout the urban setting of the Barranco, Las Parras and Castillo streets and their meeting with the basement of Mount San Miguel.  The project acts on the facades of the houses in these streets. At the end of the streets an urban forest park is created, recovering the natural environment by connecting routes through the mount San Miguel.
At the bottom of this park, Castillo and Las Parras streets are connected to give them continuity and defining a parking area.
The solutions adopted for the urban environment recovery are based on simple works. The entire workforce of the project is developed by students of employment workshop for neighborhood. These simple and inexpensive construction solutions respect the environment and maximize the use of materials that can be obtained from the area itself.
The work can be divided into 3 main activities:
– The cleaning and removal of all debris in the ravine surrounding to retrieve the natural appearance of this space.
– Conditioning of two existing platforms. At the bottom platform the creation of a connection between Las Parras and Castillo streets. On the flip-top platform an urban forest park with access to the paths that cross the mountain of San Miguel.
– The repair of the facades depends on their condition. Consisting of small repairs or masonry, plastered and painted.

Orihuela (Alicante)

Antonio Galiano Garrigós

Javier Jiménez Benito
Sandra Escoda Pérez
José Luis Sanjuan Palermo

Categories: 2014, City, Management, Rehabilitation