• Alicante’s Seaport Promenade
  • Alicante’s Seaport Promenade
  • Alicante’s Seaport Promenade

Alicante’s Seaport Promenade

We aim to make this dock a safe recreational area for walking but we don’t forget its history, its status, its nostalgia.
We convert the waterfront into a place to watch, from the Mediterranean Sea, Alicante, present and forgotten at the same time. Nostalgia, collected stories by Joan Manuel Serrat song Mediterraneo.
Each stanza describes a situation in which we feel identified and we believe that the dock should provide, creating a place for remembrance and contemplation.
From the dock you can see,
-We see the Postiguet beach. A natural place inserted into the urban fabric of the city, in which we played as children, we have taken the sun, walked, and fall in love.
-We see the dark nights of winter and illuminated Santa Barbara Castle in the background, and the» face of the Moro” whowatches us.
-We see the sunset from ships. We listen to the clink of masts and cruise chimneys.
-We see fishermen, sailors and fans close to the sea, walking over, throwing rod, immersed in silence, and waiting.
-We see the Mediterranean sea calling us, it seeks us to approach and reach it.
These situations described in song are moved to the project idea and they draw a series of situations that are translated into sections that reconstruct the dock. When you go through the Levante dock, just get worry about looking… in all directions…

Puerto de Alicante (Alicante)

Antonio Galiano Garrigós

Almudena Espinosa Fernández
Javier Jiménez Benito
Ivan Murcia Vicente

Categories: 2007, City, Competition, Public