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The project develops the new Campus and expansion of the OHIM headquarters in the city of Alicante.
The new building with its proportion and position, generates a new intermediate entrance and social space in between the three campus buildings that naturally becomes the New Agora Square meeting and discussion place, giving the institute a unified image of existing buildings with the new in a unique gesture of clear design. Giving to the complex a public space and a new intermediate access zone in the heart of campus. This diamond-shaped element communicates all the buildings through a relaxing way covered by a pergola that also recognizes the circulation and security levels in an efficient, clear and transparent manner.
The extension building is zoned into three parts. An open plan office space that develops around patios, a strip of flexible meeting spaces for workgroups that capture the great views of the city of Alicante, and between these two areas, the atrium-street, an open vertical space that communicates the whole building across all its floors that aims to promote social interaction and visual communication between different departments and workers offering circulation spaces, combined with meeting spaces organized on terraces and coffee and printing hubs.
The building is distributed following a mesh structure, the Smart Grid (intelligent network), which provides great flexibility, allowing several configurations that result in different architectural solutions. We believe that this concept is ideal for OHIM as to adapt the building to the challenges of the project of the organization, adapting and refining quickly, or at the time completely reorganize the architectural configuration of the building for future extensions to fit their needs and expectations. We propose a building extendable with 2 more extensions that, when completed, will maintain a certain unity as one continuous floor.


Antonio Galiano Garrigós
Marc Koehler
Cie. Architekten

Javier Jiménez Benito
Rafael García Sacristán
Jessica Martínez Esteve
Adrián Porto Portero
Alicia Fernández Serrano
María Reig García
Cristina Moreno

Categories: 2015, City, Competition, Management