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Europan 8

Europan 8: European competitions for new architectures, European Urbanity and Strategic Projects.
Analyzing the city we found that our plot is an intersection between two paths, the one that goes from north to south between the green areas and the path that goes east west the game days. The path between green areas enhances of the riverside as a walk.
The path that people use in hockey days, very dense in a short time, are reinforced, once crossed the river, there are multiple options to do it. Both paths are defined through lines with hard or soft floor, to walk or run. From the urban point of view looking into Plzen we propose to recover an anchor point, in this case the industrial chimney. This element will remember the recent past.
The layout of the buildings in the site is the result of the intersection of tapes that are part of the north and south
paths, those part of the east and west paths, the visual relationship between the church tower, the chimney and the
river as a place of life. Within the solar two areas are identified, the west part, where buildings are located and where
the river is located. The western part consists on multiple paths that arise from the splitting of the main route to
the stadium; it consists on multiple ribbons of different textures and materials that become in different buildings. The eastern edge of the river is where the ribbons die or go through the routes east – west.

Pilsen (República Checa)

Antonio Galiano Garrigós

Mario Berna Box
Almudena Espinosa Fernández
Javier Jiménez Benito
Verónica Seoano Lugli



Categories: 2005, City, Competition, Public, Residencial