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Netherlands Consulate

The task of adapting gradients and levels was one of the bases for materializing the proposal. The design reshapes the land, which is seen as the tectonic complex that receives the brief.
The north façade of the main block gravitates above the ground. The other sides emerge with the honesty of a building that aims to be clean and transparent. This block is pierced by two courtyards that articulate the design both functionally and visually, as they join the basement to the roof, passing through the upper floor, so the basement receives the light and the sun with which the Mediterranean welcomes its guests.
As well as the pure, white block, another volume overlaps it in a zigzag from the south façade, attempting to reach the highest part of the building in the hope of leaning over to welcome the users and passers-by. It features strongly in the exterior view, owing to its shape and to the change in material which gives it an oxide texture that contrast with the luminous white of the box.
The interiors are designed with warm, pleasant surfaces featuring wood and glass, making the rooms into spaces where daily tasks are not a bitter effort.
The main block contains a central band which is joined up by two circulation areas, one public and the other private, and has service facilities attached to it. Along this band, the offices alternate with courtyards.

Parc.7 Plan Parcial EL PLANET, Benidorm (Alicante)


Antonio Galiano Garrigós
Rafael Landete Pascual

Jose Mª Germán Cecilia

Emilio Cortes Saura
Ángel González Avilés
Isabel Pérez Millán


Categories: 2001, Offices, Private