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Once there was a garden, an enchanted garden enclosed by four walls, the space containing those four walls could be transformed and

changed. Sometimes the garden turned into a large square, like the town squares locked on all four sides, giving people the possibility of meeting, a
friendly chatter, reading slowly, to walk …. or why not, the taste of a good drink.
It was a really nice place.
At other times this garden became a great theater, in a large room where they all types of meetings were celebrated, also performances, parties
and the tumult was deafening and exciting.
At night, it increased its magic for everyone who passed by and not know what was hiding under that box, which seemed to levitate due to the pure light
that cut out of that place.
The garden was alive, was constantly changing. Even small rooms were changing at its side. One day were larger, and the next day smaller. One
day housed some people, and yesterday housed others. This was a place that was able to contain all required activity as if a
magician was. Definitively it was a place where you can forget the mundane and prosaic and move to enjoy the worship and the divine.

Pedreguer (Alicante)



Antonio Galiano Garrigós
Rafael Landete Pascual


Categories: 2000, Cultural, Public