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The Project looks for an spatial approximation between the rude environment due to the close distance to the main road of the city, and the peaceful green area next to the canal. To reach this goal the main office building is located in the corner and extends itself along the entire road making a parking barrier that blocks the bad views and traffic noise. This lineal block connects with the office by a green roof that provides the people a relaxing walk through the nature between the parking and the work improving their quality life.
The ground floor is also designed for public space and public parking with open spaces between columns, in the other hand the rest of the middle floors are private areas for offices as well as parking places.
The general plan tries to solve the height difference projecting different uses in multiple levels by a stepped terrain making a visual and accessibility connection between those levels.
These uses are: dwelling in big blocks of 4 floors, shopping centres of 1 floor, playground squares covered with pergolas and big green areas along the riverside.
The plan is not only connected with the city by car, its linked with the city by 2 footbridges over the canal creating a pedestrian connection and biking as well with the existing bike path placed in the canal’s riverside.

BIM Method

Our BIM process starts with a generic mass model studying the place, orientations, shadows and preliminary energy tests using Autodesk Formit tool. After that we export the model into Autodesk Revit and we continue working in the model adjust the program and areas.

Once we check the entire specifications program with the mass model, we divide the model in different worksets and all the team begin working together into the file modelling the floors, roofs, walls and every element into the model with generic component with correct measures.
In this point, we work in two different ways.Some people work with constructive specification and the others with the project image using other specific software for this.

Paris, France

Antonio Galiano Garrigós

Javier Jiménez Benito
Rafael García Sacristán
Adrián Porto Portero
María Reig García
Germán Sirvent García
José Luis Sanjuan Palermo
Giuseppe Cangiano

Categories: 2016, Competition, Offices, Private