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Private Airport

The airport project brings together in a single cover, the three programs volumetric main airport, technological park, hangar and terminal. A continuous surface folds and unifies the great structure.
The covering of the building rises on the Valencian territory. In this case the finishing combination, vegetable, gives textures and nuances which take influence from the near surroundings and links the airport to the land

Building a green cover heads the project to energy efficiency. Green roofs absorb 70% of rainwater that feeding itself and control the temperature of the buildings, in summer temperature can reduce the consumption of air conditioning in 25% and prevent losses up to 50% in winter.

The terminal building and technology park, serve as a passage for the users from the land to the sky. They are designed in two unique volumenes in order to unify the influx of users. They are fragmented with some areas of double height according to its program. In this way takes advantage the luminosity and the visual relationship with the outside to link the different spaces that orient the user.

A curtain wall rising from the ground to the ceiling completes the volumetry. Efficient solar control windows guarantees optimum solar protection which does not require additional elements

Comunidad Valenciana

Built area= 50.000m2
Runway, platform, urbanization = 172.500m2

Antonio Galiano Garrigós.

Espinosa Fernández, Almudena
García Sacristán, Rafael
Jiménez Benito, Javier

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